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Dr Garry Nolan Interview

    I believe this interview is another key moment in UFO/UAP disclosure.
    There’s much more to disclose and much more to discover.

    Below are parts of the conversation (grouped into topics) that I found most interesting to hear on popular media.

    In 2011 the CIA and an aerospace company wanted help with UFO injuries…

    [Nolan] …my day job at Stanford for the last 30 years has been the development of technologies to look at cancer and blood.

    …it was circa 2011 or so when some people from the CIA and an aerospace company came to ask me for help on the analysis of some individuals who had encountered some anomalous objects.

    …they came to my office unannounced, and then started laying out pictures and data on the table in front of me. And I honestly thought it was a joke.

    [Carlson] They didn’t wonder if UFOs were real. They knew at that point. Right?
    [Nolan] Right.

    They were deadly serious about it, because they had basically said at that point, people have died …and then they showed me some brain images of individuals who had been damaged, and internal scarring you can see through MRIs.

    [Carlson] So for some context, who were these people who had been injured?

    [Nolan] Oh, they were military personnel, people, intelligence agents on the ground. A pilot – a few pilots, actually, who had gotten close enough… to some sort of object– one of them on the ground as well, walked right up to it and touched it.

    [Carlson] He walked up and touched it?

    [Nolan] Yeah, he described the object as basically about four or five feet across with strange writing on it.

    US Congress has said “enough is enough – we want the data”

    [Nolan] …the Senate Intelligence Committee just came out with a report this morning… It also has language about UAPs, and basically admonishing the Defense Department, saying you guys have been dragging your feet, no more – whistle-blower language. They actually… want to go all the way back to 1947… they want the Defense Department and the CIA, et cetera, to collect all the information around events that have occurred.

    They want all of, interestingly, the NDAs, the nondisclosure agreements. They want those all listed, because the NDAs are associated to people, and that means they can start to name the people who have been involved.

    They want all of the information on the disinformation and the obfuscation that’s been going on.

    And they want information about the medical harms that have occurred.

    And that’s all in the National Defense Appropriations Act for 2023…

    And that’s part of what the announcement today was all about, this idea that Congress has said, enough is enough. We want the data. You’re not going to hide this anymore. We’re going to give anybody in the entire DOD and intelligence community a secure channel by which you can actually report this. You can basically set aside the NDAs or oaths that you’ve given, because you’re basically reporting to us. And it will be given to the Senate and the Congressional leadership…

    And this is the first time ever that this has been done.

    Garry Nolan interview

    Why has the US government lied for so long?

    [Carlson] So this is way outside your lane, but since you’ve had so much experience dealing with all the people involved, maybe you have a theory. Why do you think DOD, or the US government more broadly, has lied about this for so long?

    [Nolan] So I think that they were just afraid of admitting that they don’t have control over the airspace.

    That’s one thing. But also… we have the data, but… they didn’t want anybody to know about it, because they’re scared of what the reaction might be.

    But the other point I think that is important to realize is that when… there’s claimed crash materials that might have been collected… this went off to places like Lockheed and all of the big aerospace companies.

    They wanted to profit off of it, and many of them basically took a lot of the information, set it aside, and they decided, OK, we’re going to profit off it. We’re not going to tell Congress what this is all about, because if we do, then maybe we have to share this with McDonnell Douglas, or someone else.

    You know… whatever this stuff is, it’s hundreds of technology revolutions ahead of us, and an understanding of physics that we don’t appreciate.

    …another reason why the government might feel a little hesitancy about bringing this kind of information forward… because if the US military is not the most powerful force in the universe, then it kind of… It resets your expectation. Then the populace might revolt.

    [Carlson] So it sounds like in the world that you live in, it is taken for granted – or just assumed to be true – that this stuff is real.

    [Nolan] Yes, yeah. It’s 100% real. I mean, there’s just no doubt about it.

    Why are aerospace companies interested?

    [Carlson] So why would the aerospace company… be interested in finding, along with the CIA, the answers to these questions?

    [Nolan] Technology. I mean, you’ve seen the reports on how these things move, 0 to 5,000 miles an hour, instantaneous acceleration and deceleration, trans medium travel – air to water… We can’t do any of that. We just can’t. And moreover, we don’t know how it’s done. And so that means that there’s a level of physics that can be appreciated and maybe taken advantage of.

    [Nolan] You have to imagine a new kinds of physics. But interestingly, the physicists have come up with a unifying – let’s say, mathematics – for what these things might be doing, and how they’re doing it.

    … there’s actually a Mexican physicist. He has worked out the equations for a warp drive. I mean, we can’t do it. The amounts of energy required are extraordinary. It’s called the Alcubierre drive. But then there’s a number of other individuals who have then taken his equations and shown that, yeah, that actually explains how these things might be moving.

    Where are these objects coming from?

    [Carlson] So without putting your professional credibility, reputation on the line… you’re around people who study this stuff for a living, who are the most knowledgeable people on this topic in the world. What is their general sense of what this might be?

    [Nolan] That this is not from Earth…

    [Carlson] So is the general belief that these objects, these – whatever this is – is coming from outside our atmosphere, or that it’s coming from beneath the oceans? 

    [Nolan] Both, I think.

    So the next question is, well, if they’ve been here all along, before we were even civilized – well, whose planet is this really? …if you go back into the historical records, things written by the scientists and philosophers and mayors and kings of the day, you know, it’s in the record. 

    This object was seen, it looked like a wheel or it looked like a shield, and it showed up over our battles, and– et cetera, et cetera. So you can go back and recontext the observations and say, well, if somebody wrote that today, I’d call it a UFO or a UAP.

    Garry Nolan interview

    Craft projecting altered reality into people’s minds
    [Nolan] There’s a great case. It’s in France. This family – this is just within the last few years – driving down the highway, a mother and two children in the back. They have an open top car during the day, a crowded highway. They see over their head, through the window, a craft. I mean, it’s obvious.

    And then she’s looking around, the mother’s looking around… and noticing that nobody else seems to see this. So the kids in the back have a camera phone, take a picture. When they get home, they take a look at the picture. There’s not a craft, but there’s an object, a small, sort of star shaped object about 30 or 40 feet over their car.

    So… let’s say that that’s the object, but it projected an image of something else, and yet that’s all they saw. So what happened – it’s sort of like… it was a projected, 3D image of something, but it was only seen by them.

    So when you start to hear many of these cases, and Jacques Vallée talks about this a lot, that whatever these things are seem to have the ability to project altered reality into people’s minds.

    What kind of beings are in these craft?

    [Carlson] Just to backtrack, I can’t believe you’re in your office at Stanford, and the CIA shows up… Did any of the people you interviewed see anybody in control of these craft…

    [Nolan] Not in the injury cases. I do know of cases, non-injury associated, where things were seen.

    [Carlson] What kind of things?

    [Nolan] Little beings.

    … eyewitnesses always talk about… the Grays… But with humanoid features… now, I have a problem with humanoid features, because one of my backgrounds is evolutionary biology… And so I don’t see the possibility of something else evolving on another planet that looks like us…

    So I think – and this is… from inside the intelligence community, most of what we think we’re seeing are avatars, biological robots that are basically put there to be the minions, if you will.

    [Carlson] And that’s the current view of the intel community? [Nolan] That is a… hypothesis.

    If credible people are studying this why is interest in the subject still sanctioned?

    [Nolan] …as you said at the beginning of the show, there’s any of a number of people who are otherwise credible, who are absolutely dead focused on this now. And so through the efforts of Lue Elizondo, and Chris Mellon, and many others on the inside – that unfortunately will not ever be known in the roles that they’ve played to bring this forward – they have given a level of credibility to this that has opened the area up for all kinds of people to move in.

    I mean, the National Association of Aerospace Engineers now has a committee on this. It’s a 50,000 strong or so union of scientists…

    NASA has come out and said that they’re studying it… They’re saying this is worth study.

    And they use the same language that we’ve been pushing. It’s data, it’s science.

    Scientists should be interested in things that they don’t understand. And we shouldn’t take anything off the table.

    [Carlson] Scientists should be interested in things they don’t understand. Right, that’s the whole point.

    [Nolan] That’s the whole point of it. So that leads to the bigger and very obvious question, which is, how can we have a society in which many people have first-hand experience with these things, in which mountains of data exist proving that there’s something there that we don’t understand, and yet, there’s still this social sanction levied against anyone who mentions it?

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